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"Visupure" is a series of armchairs and couches in a minimalistic, expressive format, which offers great variety. The art lies in the tension of the materials. A thin aluminium sheet has been bent into a U-shape and welded with another aluminium sheet. This forms the backbone of the seat, which appears to be floating on its bouncing feet. The aluminium construction is powder-coated and polished to "high shine". The arm rest is made from elegant "walnut" solid wood.


The armchair is available in different materials. The seat is a single protruding body stretched with high-quality leather, which coordinates with the arm rest. The armchair frame is constructed from birch playwood, and high-quality straps are used for a pleasant sitting experience, as well as wave flex springs and foam, if desired.


The "Visupure" two-seater couch with its characteristic look is both a resting place in a loft and can also be beautifully accompanied by the armchairs.


Armchair dimensions:



Information sheet "visupure"  >> download-site

Brochure "visupure"  >> download-site

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