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Ralf Kötter, qualified engineer (FH) and master carpenter, Detmold.


After I compleded my training as a carpenter, I worked for various companies for 4.5 years. Subsequently, I worked in 

specialised carpentries in France for 4 years and in Ireland for 6 months. In 1997, I obtained the master craftman's 

certificate within the framework of the European Master Qualification at the Compangnons du Devoir in Cologne and

Tours, and grathered professional experience in various companies. This period of my life was a positive and shaping 

experience for me.


"I collaborated on restoration work on a world heritage site - this was the Saint-Sébastien Chapel from the 16th century

in the Saint Ségal Finistère region in France. The sculpture of a lion's head was carved into the bases of the roof timbers.

Mr le Ber placed a bottle of Calvados inside the head for the people who would restore this church in 200 years' time".



Finally, I successfully completed my degree in Interior Design at the University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Detmold with the engineering diploma (FH). Afterwards, I completed an additional graduate examination on obtaining planning permission for interior designers. Inspired by minimalism in art and interior design, I have been focusing on product development

since 2012.


My scope of services comprises the development of furnishing concepts and furnishings for a "cultural urban lifestyle". 








The name "enfin" comes from French and means "at last". Enfin represents an aesthetics coming from artistic ambition. Minimalistic, clear and pure design from previous decades, e.g. in the style of Bauhaus, is newly interpreted in the products. Those who see Enfin Design furniture feel something special: a reduced and clear from language, the imaginative materials and the high-quality manufacturing, which the vierwer only notices at second glance.The iron armchair with felt mats the industrial look was the orginal model. Thanks to the development process, I have suceeded in creating an aluminium chair in "high shine" black made from high-quality materials and a pleasant sittings experience - "Made in Germany". The armchair was created in 2013 and can also be avaible as a two-seater couch and with a table, according to individual requirements. Each piece of furniture is individual, and includes a product pass with the corresponding production number.


This design has received very positive feedback from the design scene and it is protected under the Word Intellectual Property Organization (Wipo) in Geneva since 2014.



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